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Acoustic panelling is used to reduce noise and control sound in many different spaces. Wall panels & systems are used to transform areas such as multi-purpose halls...


Sound is integral to our communication and yet when sound reflects it creates echo & reverberations. This can be a real unpleasant and in many cases a serious problem...


Impact sound is generated by traffic contacting the floor surface. Airborne sound inside a room ambient noise is generated by impact noise in the room itself...


In theatre or performance arts, the stage is a designated space for the performance of productions. It is the most crucial element of the entire experience and has to...


Auditorium / Multiplex
» Auditorium
» Multiplex
Hotels / Banquet Halls
» Hotels
» Banquet Halls
Corporate Offices / Training Rooms / Conference Rooms
»Corporate Offices
»Training Rooms
»Conference Rooms
Arena / Stadiums / Sports Complexes
» Stadiums
» Sports Complexes
» Gymnasiums
Residential Acoustics / Entertainment Rooms
» Residential Acoustics
» Entertainment Loonges
» Home Theatre Rooms
Recording Studio TV / Radio Stations
» Recording Studio
» TV Stations
» Radio Stations
Schools Educational Institutes
» Schools
» Library
» Educational Institutes
Health Care Center / Wellness Center
» Hospitals
» Health Care Center
» Wellness Center
Meditation Centers / Place of Worship
» Meditation Centers
» Place of Worship
Shopping Malls / Club Houses
» Shopping Malls
» Club Houses


Awards & Recognition

Indosonic has been instrumental in executing multiple high end projects in regards to projects requiring acoustical intervention. It has won many government projects across India for product supply and execution on basis of its high credibility and quality work since many years.

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